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North + Line

Atlanta, GA

Developer: Batson-Cook
Architect:Smith Dalia
Construction type:

With the Atlanta BeltLine as its backyard and Historic Fourth Ward Park as its front, North & Line features three direct connections to the BeltLine Corridor. Developer SWH Partners and the City of Atlanta jointly developed the “Gateway Plaza,” a public patio at the foot of the winding garden trail up to the BeltLine. Private BeltLine access is also provided at terrace level and a third near the adjacent Excelsior Mill.

Accommodating 228 units on a 3.3-acre site, these high-end midrise apartments also include 4,500 s.f. of ground floor retail space, clad in true granite as an homage to the historic Mill. Myriad amenities include a pool deck overlooking the park and a 5,000 s.f. community space & fitness center. While successfully increasing residential density, North & Line fits thoughtfully into context, adding the right tone to a cosmopolitan verve replete with greenspaces and opportunities for outdoor activity.