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The Gwendolyn at Glen Lennox

Chapel Hill, NC

Developer: Grubb Properties
Size:106,000 sq. ft.
Construction type:

Named for Gwendolyn Harrison, the first African-American woman to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this new office building will be part of Glen Lennox, one of the first mid-century modern planned communities in the country.

Harrison had been admitted into the Ph. D. program at UNC in 1951 and was already a college professor at age 25. When she arrived on campus, her acceptance was withdrawn when the administration learned she was African-American. In the weeks that followed, she determinedly fought for her right to an education, making the case that her admission would be emblematic of the democratic ideals of fairness and equality. After some debate, the university trustees agreed and her admission was reinstated, marking a watershed moment in the history of the University and the South.

With the project still in design phase, structural details are slim, but we know The Gwendolyn will be four stories of Class A office space.