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Georgia Theatre

Athens, GA

Architect:Davis Architects
Construction type:

The Georgia Theatre, erected in 1889 as the YMCA of Athens, was transformed into a music venue in 1977. After a fire in 2009, the Georgia Theatre was left with the two foot thick exterior brick walls intact while the entire interior of the Theatre and roof was destroyed.

Davis Architects worked with Wilmot Greene to create an interior design approach that was based on the existing Art-Deco style of the exterior. Inside the Georgia Theatre is the hallmark of the design. With intersecting curved forms of the balconies and stairs, the design allows a seamless and flowing circulation during and after performances. This architectural design creates a unique viewing experience throughout all levels. Combined with beautiful acoustics, the design re-creates the ‘magic’ that was lost to the fire, but now lives again.

The addition of a rooftop restaurant and bar gives customers one of the best views of downtown Athens and allows the opportunity to house the management offices away from the public eye.